GWJ Plays – A Bunch of Stuff (Overwatch, Kerbal Space Program & Rimworld)


If you haven't visited lately, the GWJ Plays YouTube channel has been pretty active. I know watching game videos isn't everyone's cup of tea, so I try not to clog the front page up every time I upload something, but we've been on a bit of a roll, and frankly I've been having a lot of fun making this stuff, so bear with me for a moment.

Rimworld – I've been running through a campaign in the game Rimworld, which is a terrific top-down survival game that's a little lesser known, and worth a look. Rimworld, which is currently only available from the site – – sees the player crash-landed on a planet with three survivors, and you must make a base of operations and eventually a settlement. Rimworld is expected to come to Steam closer to its release.

Kerbal Space Program – The new KSP patch dropped just today, and I've been holding off on trying the pre-release build. This is a walkthrough of some of the new patch features including an upgrade to Unity 5 – which makes everything so much better – along with an x64 build. Also in the patch is an updated UI, a lot of features to help guide new players and lots of great quality of life changes. I'm considering turning this into a full career series, let me know in the comments of the video if you're interested in seeing more.

Dark Souls 3 – Shawn recently did a terrific video on why he loves the aesthetic of the Dark Souls franchise, and as a person never held in thrall by that particular game it was great seeing it through his eyes. Now he just needs to do the same for Witcher 3 and show me what I'm missing.

Overwatch – This past weekend I got in some time with the Overwatch stress test, along with Pyroman, Gaald, Sway and our good friend Michael Zenke. It's less a traditional Let's Play and more a glimpse at what it looks like when you let the four of us loose on a video game. It was great fun.

Thanks for indulging me in this short reminder that we 1) have a YouTube channel, and 2) would love to get more people watching. I'm always interested in the kinds of stuff you'd like to see on the channel or ideas for improvement. Let me know!


I love the Rimworld series, and I'm sure I will like KSP, too. Long live the Game King!

Ahh, so you were in the Sway Overwatch group that day. We were the other 6 of GWJ, wondering how we could game a 6v6, GWJ vs GWJ slay-all.

I think that happened earlier. The video happened near the end of the beta, and we only had 5 + a pubbie. A fine gentlemen with the moniker iloveurbum, so you know ... real upper crust.

Maybe, but we also we rode that beta to the bitter end!

Loved Shawn's video on the Dark Souls aesthetic.
Any chance we can get a full "Let's Play" for Dark Souls 3?
Maybe with Shawn and Corey Banks like we got for DS 1 and 2?
Love to see it.

Would love to see a Game King KSP career mode series.

Just finished the Rimworld series.
Great job Shawn.
Any idea when this is coming to Steam?

No idea, but it has been Greenlit so definitely it'll be on Steam someday.

Thanks for watching!

Chiming in to show my love for the Rimworld series! The videos alone have sold the game for me, I can't wait to try it myself.

Most of my gaming these days consists of watching videos since my schedule is so horrendous, so these were right up my alley. I haven't watched the latest one yet, but here's hoping for more! Thanks for putting them together!

Overwatch doesn't look fun at all! Nope! Zero fun in that video. NONE!