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Oh boy, figuarts is coming out with some ridiculous cool star wars stuff. Just missed the pre-order for this TFA stuff








Those aren't bad looking. I kind of like how the storm troopers look like they are smiling.

Cross-posting from the silly purchase of the month thread since I seem to have derailed it.

First, I made the mistake of walking through the toy department of Target this weekend...



Then someone noticed this siting on the top of that shelf in another photo.


To which I added this.


That's a Big Trak with Transport and a Micronauts Hornetroid and Terraphant. Classic toys from the 1970s and '80s. They aren't flea-market finds; I bought those in the store when they were new.

So, anyone else have classics in their collections?

I found some of my old G I Joes. A Cobra BAT that is bad condition and Zarana. I don't recall if Zarana had that green glow thing Zartan had when you put him in the sun. If she did she doesn't now.

Oh man, I had a ton of Micronauts, but few remain. Those were amazing..


Wish I had the money for it.

Yes, you are just going too big. You should be checking out the Star Wars SHFiguarts stuff. It is plenty detailed. There are reviews of Darth Maul out there right now.

Combining two of my favorite things is something that's terribly expensive, and maybe a little bit too sexy if you're at work.

I like it.

Here are the 2 Star Wars movie realization figures I have so far

For all those larger figures with the hands, is it a magnetic attachment or is there a hook or something? And how often do most people exchange out parts? How do you store them? Do some people just have a drawer of hands out there?

I remember storing my dolls began to be a big issue especially since wigs and parts and clothes and things all take up room.

Also, I had one of those horrible moments walking through the toy aisle in Fred Meyer where I realized if I was 12 again I'd probably have every one of these.

Have this and the weird fairy tale based ones that seem to have the exact same proportions supplanted Bratz and Barbie? I was reading an article on the BBC that Barbie is no longer the thing to buy.

Heads are still a little too big and the stick bodies are strange but I guess they're colorful and have lots of tie in products?

Most use a ball joint I believe. The hands on the star wars movie realization and some figma figures have it.

I keep the packaging and boxes for any figures that have all those hand accessories since they already have a good place for them to sit.

Michonne and Ghost Rider. I love the way the light catches Ghost Rider's eyes and fire. I like Michonne but wish she was bigger and more possible. I couldn't get her to play the air guitar like Ghost Rider, she looks great though.


I don't know if I'll get any more Walking Dead figures. I'll probably get Spider Gwen and Jack o lantern when they come out for legends.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

I like it.

You have good taste. Actually, I wasn't even born yet when 'Elvira' was first created. Wow, she's a few months younger than my mom.

Oh baby

To bad you can't remove the helmet. I guess she won't take it off in the movie or will she?

Everything is shiny

he is wearing red so you don't see the blood.

NY Toyfair 2016 just completed a few days ago. Nothing stood out to much for me. There are a bunch of different Harley Quinn statues and figures coming out. I just picked up the Batman Animated series version of her.

Oh wait there was one thing that really caught my eye. In Alien 2 that there is a badasss car tank. This is being released as mini mates toy that can fit like 6 mini mates, a funko pop toy, and big die cast but I forget who is releasing it.

Oh wait again. Evil Lyn from masters of the universe is coming out. Versions of her have come out before but this new one looks closes to the original cartoon. I think the last one that came out was based on the updated cartoon.

I preordered the Rey HotToys statue. I also stopped collecting the 6" Black series figs but I'm sure as hell going to be picking up all the Rebels ones until something better comes out!

I'll probably get the Sabine black series and Finn in Storm Trooper gear. Oh and Ahsoka. That Rey hot toys look great.

On a Rey note anyone trying to buy a black series Rey or 5pt 3.75 inch Rey don't pay those inflated prices. If you are patient you'll be able to get them at cost. Right now people are buying them just to resell on ebay.

A Misty Copeland Barbie Doll is coming out. Misty Copeland is the first black ballerina of American Ballet Theater.

This is video is more about the person than the doll

Might have said this already also but a new Wonder Woman barbie doll is coming out along with Superman and Batman.

I'm not sure what the current prices are on hotwheels but QFC have them for .70 cents. I don't really care for hotwheels except for batmobiles. The current line has at least 5 of them and I found two.

Here is a picture

I'm not sure what HW City is, maybe from a comic. The one on the right is from the video game. The wheels are a little loose on the one on the right. If I tilt it the wheels stick out.

Dollfie Dream and Smart Doll panel at Anime North 2016

Only interesting if you are into BJD. Started looking into dollfie again and came across the video.

One interesting thing is the creator of Smart Doll will come out with darker skin dolls. The dark brown one hasn't come out yet but tan one has.


A unboxing of a Smart Doll by the creator.

Shows how the dolls are made.

The black Smart Doll I had my eye on comes out July 4th. I have also learn of a line called Little Monica and they will also release a lite brown doll and a dark skinned doll but I don't know when.

What are people using for stands for small figures like the black series or marvel legends?

I think you ou can buy figma stands and that works well. I also saw someone was making stands directly for Black series stuff awhile back.

Baron Of Hell wrote:
Duchess wrote:

These are the only dolls I collect (example companies):

(NSFW, due to that fact that these dolls are sold naked and displayed as such on the website)

There are a few more companies I used to frequent but the number of companies in general has exploded over the course of my decade in the hobby. If you don't know what a BJD is (or ABJD) but you like dolls, then this is a terrible rabbit hole.

If you want to know more (and I mean terrifying amounts of more), then feel free to ask. But I think the links and the sticker shock usually speak for themselves. A lot of the appeal is being able to fully customize things. There's a whole forum for the hobby which still has a vibrant second hand market if anyone is interested, (, but again.... rabbit hole.

There was a time when I was slightly addicted to the prospect of getting one of these. Specific a kosmos dollfie or other anime version of dollfie. The problem was they are over a thousand dollars and you need to be on a waiting list to get one. I got the idea of maybe getting a basic one for $200 and getting a outfit. Problem is the outfit only comes with the doll. I couldn't get the outfit or the guns on their own. So I gave up on the idea.

Here is the one I was considering.

Right now the only dolls I have are a wonder woman barbie and a cat woman barbie still in the boxes. I hate to say it but I'm tempted to buy the frozen dolls also. I wish could a get a notice every time a comic book version of barbie comes out. The doll is crappy in general but I still nerd out that I have wonder woman and cat woman.

Well I actually just bought that Kos Mos dollfie doll. Yeah I could have bought six or seven hot toy figures for the same price as one doll but I don't want any of those. Well there is one that comes out in August that I might preorder.