GWJ OOTP League Thread

Prederick I am going to bow out, please set the Sandwiches to CPU control. Thanks!

Done and done!

New file! 'Pologies, forgot to import before I hit sim, so we only did a day or two. Get in your Arbitration offers and various other what-nots soon! Tomorrow's sim will take us to the day before arbitration, the following sim to the day after, and then to Free Agency!

Luckily, it's not like I did all my preseason business last night.... oh wait, I did.

Is it possible I could get another day or so extension, I have some stuff I have to get to tonight, won't have time until Saturday to work on it.

Well lucky for you, I gave you one! Anyway, we're to the DAY BEFORE SALARY ARBITRATION now, so get on it!

New file!

New file!

New file! Free agency begins!

New file! The Rule 5 draft!

If you're unfamiliar, the Rule 5 draft basically allows teams to take players from other teams rosters who have spent a certain amount of time playing in the minors but are not on the 40-man roster.

In short, check your organization. If a dude has a # next to his name, he's Rule 5 eligible, and you might want to try and hang on to him by putting him on your 40-man roster.

New File!

Rule 5 is done! Roll on Free Agency!

Ugh. I thought you ran the Rule 5 already so I didn't bother going back in and protecting anyone who wasn't already on my 40 man. I sure hope we didn't lose anyone serious.

New file!

New file!

Winter meetings begin! Since, during winter meetings, players will respond to your contract offers and stuff ASAP, each sim will be 1 day until they finish.

I keep getting an error while trying to download the file. Anyone else?

Edit: Okay, I've tried to re-install everything for the league to see if that corrects the issue. Turns out when I re-install the league I get an error for uploading:


The only stuff I can find talking about are issues relating to firewalls.

Perhaps I need a (new) accountsdata_gm.dat file?? I thought we no longer needed that.

Mine worked this morning. Sorry, garion.


Okay, well, new file. Try again tonight garion, and if it doesn't work, I'll send you a new accountsdata_gm.dat file.

New file! Another day down!

Yup, still not working. Gonna need that file.

Alright, email me post-haste and I'll send you a new one!

I could've SWORN I'd updated. New file! The winter meetings are over!

DANGIT, I got so wrapped up in "Narcos" last night I didn't say "new file!"

Well, new file!

New file!

New file!

New file!

The preseason begins! Set your budgets and get ready for Spring training!

New file!

New file!

New file!

New file!

Spring training is just a few days away!

New file! Spring training is upon us!

I'm going to give us a few days to set our Spring TRaining rosters, and also for me to get a headcount of who's still in on hte league, in the chance we lost anyone during the offseason.

Eesh. So that's a week looking for a headcount, and no replies. Which brings up the necessary question...

...are we still into another season of this? Or has the GWJ OOTP league just about run its length?

Sorry, I'm still around and am ready for spring training.

Reporting in!

I'm still here; I misread your post.