Thinking Outside the Box


If you haven't already, check out Ridlin's forum post about seducing your little lady with video games. While his suggestions are all solid and based on the latest scientific advances, I have been a little hesitant on testing it on my wife, since I really only have one shot at this. It's not like if I fail and ruin my marriage in the process, I'd be able to find anyone else willing to put up with me in a matrimonial sense. So I've been waiting to see if we could cause some sort of commotion in the gaming community and maybe get some feedback from some actual women.

We've had a couple responses from the other camp, and I just saw a new one this morning. They haven't outright dismissed any of the suggestions, so maybe Ridlin really was on to something. Perhaps we can get Jane over at Game Girl Advance to give it a quick perusal. For now, I'm offering my own recommendation in today's Infinite Lives.



Funny, but a little scary!

That might be the most disturbing smile I've ever seen.

I hope that crowbar isn't a metaphor for something else.

Hilarious, but that smile puts it in a whole 'nother realm of gay.

Funny you should mention that. I actually had to change the comic at the last minute. The crowbar used to be in the other hand. While it looked very funny there, I didn't really want the comic to be about that. However, it seems as though the smile is more or less doing that on its own. I drew a few different smiles, but this one made me laugh when I saw it, so I kept it.