Multiplayer Flight Sim. - Flight School, or Co-Op, or ATC, Helicopters.

Has anyone ever played multiplayer flight sim?

I notice that some websites hook up flight simmers in multiplayer. It looks like some go as far as having players play as Air Traffic Controllers.

I've also seen flight schools, where you pair up with a multiplayer, virtual flight instructor.

Just wondering what the experiences were here.

I've become interested in helicopter simulation; though this seems to be an underdeveloped part of flight simulation. Finding anything which real pilots credit as realistic is difficult and requires wading into the GeoCities-esque websites of user generated content. (Hovercontrol).

Basically, THIS is the thread you're looking for. The hardcore sim community in GWJ is very small and it centers almost entirely on the DCS suite of sims.

I started a general Flight Sim catch-all a while ago. It's fairly quiet though.

I looked at getting into the online community of general and commercial aviation some time ago, but never stepped through the door. VatSim was the big dog back then, with people simulating ATC and whole commercial airlines.

As far as GWJ multiplayer in flight sims, Elycion nailed it on the head. DCS is where folks have played together in the past. DCS can't be beat for Helicopter Simulation, at this time, in my eyes.

Yeah, I've been trying to get some GWJ Simming going for a while, but as Elcyion said the community is quite small.

We used to fly some DCS Black Shark 2 and A-10, but if you don't fly those sims often the learning curve is quite steep.

I've played some A-10, and it's called a 'study sim' for a reason, as in, you need to study it for a good long while.

One of the early training missions is powering the jet up from a cold start. It takes about ten minutes, and that's ten busy minutes.

I heard DCS was a good combat simulator.

I've tried FSX with HTR. I have not tried dodosim.

I tried xplane 10 last night and for helicopters it felt the most difficult. I can't say realistic, because I've never flown, but to me, it matched the balancing a tennis ball on a beach ball thing that they say.

Wow, at $50 for the UH1 alone, I'd want pilot testimonials that it's very realistic.
Of course doing some formation flying and troop drops would be fun.
I could probably get the same fun out of ArmA3 too though, at less resolution.

Keep an eye out on Steam for DCS deals.

The DCS World module is free, which comes with SU-25. You could buy Flaming Cliffs 3, which is in the same world but includes less serious flight models of the A-10, F-15, SU-27, etc.

Arma 3 is fun, we have been playing fairly regularly but the helo/jet stuff is crap. It's barely better than Battlefield.