WoW Server/Website Status

Since no one is really replying to me elsewhere, I shall ask here.

Am I the only person who is getting timeout issues when trying to go to and having connections issues with the game server?

I can get to the official website no problem but Blackhand has been off the server list for going on 24 hours, sucks pretty bad.

24 hours? I was on for about 1 hr at 6 this morning (7 BH time) and went to log off and could never get back on.

I can''t hit anything on the website. Even ping and tracert dies.

I''ve been to World of Warcraft all day looking up stuff. I haven''t been on the game since 10:30pm CST last night.

hmm, ok.

Yeah, blackhand.

Shows it as ""up"". There are no messages about it in the Server Status Forum. I had problems with it last night (about 3 dumps).

I can''t even hit that link Jimm. Times out on me everytime.

Website is reachable by me.

I definitely had problems last night. MAJOR problems. Like seeing I had mail, but not actually having it, or dying and not being able to retrieve my corpse... ok, not being able to SEE my corpse, quest lag, etc. Combat seemed fine, and of course chat was a-ok. I didn''t try logging onto the website. Harrumph.

ALSO: New avatar. A new, grown up Warlock.

I''ve had no problems with the website today. I played on Blackhand through my lunchbreak, about 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM.

Maybe an ISP problem?

Are you on Cox?


""We have recently been made aware of an issue that is preventing customers of Cox Communications from connecting to World of Warcraft,, or our World of Warcraft forums. We are currently working with representatives from Cox to resolve the issue, and we will post more information here when we have an update.""

Sounds like a backbone problem.

Edit: Not that I actually understand things about the Internet, but that''s my uneducated guess.

Yeah I''m on Cox

*shakes fist at cox*

"Reaper81" wrote:

Sounds like a backbone problem.

Edit: Not that I actually understand things about the Internet, but that''s my uneducated guess.

No, it sounds like the Cox DNS servers are being their quarterly flaky bitchy selves.

If this didn''t have to do with a fellow gamer not being able to connect to WoW, these phrases would be HILARIOUS:

Yeah I''m on Cox
*shakes fist at cox*

Actually... they''re still pretty funny.

My condolences on your loss.

Grrr... they''ve had a month now to stabilize the game and they''re *still* taking all the servers down for 4+ hours a day in addition to random server crashes? They must have some extremely nasty optimization/bug fix work to do.

these games never stabalize... Hell, after 5 years every EQ patch took a week of tweaking to be playable

Plus they put in Christmas trees, snowmen and snow ball fights... [Kramer]that is quality Jerry, quality[/Kramer]

Apparently, according to Cox, ATT is blocking all ICMP packets.

Now, how retarded is that? They say they are working on it.

Well according to the post this 4 hour downtime is a new ''weekly'' maintenance schedule. Good thing I normally work on Tuesdays I guess.