Civilization - The MMO

Wait... what?

Civilization Online Civilization Online, you play as a single character – one churning gear in a civilization’s massive machine of politics, science, and war. It’s not just a traditional MMO with historical trappings, though. Each server can and will end. Once one of the competing civilizations meets a victory condition, almost everything resets. The resulting sandbox of workers, fighters, researchers, and leaders, then, has to pull together or risk getting trampled by the inexorable march of history.

Well, that's about the last thing I would have expected.

I love me some Civ, but my mind is struggling to wrap itself around that.

More interesting for me is that the executive producter is Jake Song from XLgames. If they're going to use the same cryengine 3 engine as AA it will definitely look good.

I'd certainly be happy to be proven wrong, but this looks like a terrible idea.

Awesome! I can come home from my job where I'm just a cog in the corporate machinery, boot up my PC and play as a cog in the machinery of civilization!

Sounds like a terrible idea at first, but the more I read the more it sounds ambitious enough to be interesting.

I'm totes gonna role play a nuclear missile!

garion333 wrote:

I'm totes gonna role play a nuclear missile!

Well when you put it that way, I want to be the spearman who lives in 2254 and can kill a helicopter with my ancient weapon.

Just a cheap rip-off of Civony I bet.

2K has no plans to release CivOnline in North America.

That's a pity. I hope it gets a NA release.

It reminds me a bit of A Tale in the Desert. Sounds more advanced though with actual end game progression, so you know when the game will end and reset.

Well, thanks for being clear in your interview over at Massively....

Scratched wrote:

Just a cheap rip-off of Civony I bet.

I lack the skill but an Evony- Sid Meier photoshop would be sexy. Play now, my lord.'s like a sexed-up Second Life or something?

I love Civ, but I don't know about this.

Totem Tribe II: Jotun is shaping up looking quite like Civilization put into online with a lot of similarities like different ages, world map, etc. It's not released yet, but you can take a look here:

Does anyone else use Giant Multiplayer Robot?

It's essentially a play by email application with some rule tweaking. Does anyone want to try a game?