Metal Gear Solid 3 -- You buying it?

I don't even own a PS2, but I am curious -- are you going to buy MGS3? I've heard only great things about the first two. This one looked solid (ha ha) at 2004 E3.

Any thoughts?

I guess Splinter Cell spoiled me with 3rd person view... I got tired of Resident Evil days. However if it get some good reviews I might pick it up for 20$!

I''m not going to. The first game was very good, the second game sucked, and I have no interest in the third. If you haven''t played any of them, get a GC and a copy of Twin Snakes. Cost less than a PS2 and you''ll play the best MGS.

I''ll pick it up a bit later right now I have more games then I know what to do with.


Yes. Getting it this weekend.

Not very interested. Loved the first MGS, but the second one damaged my interest sharply.

Plus, Splinter Cell took that gameplay style and really ran with it. MGS established the bar, but since then, it''s pretty much been all Splinter Cell.

Maybe if MGS3 adds something new to the mix, and doesn''t have an idiotic storyline that makes me feel stupider for having witnessed it...... then just maybe, I''ll pick it up.

No ...and with Splinter 2 online and 3 coming soon...why would I?

I most definetly will. I was probably one of the few people who actually understood (and loved) the plot of two. Doesn''t help though that I completly forgot everything due to my horrible memory.

Played the first 2, but will most likely wait until it hits the bargain bin.

I''ll wait for a dry spell, depending what you guys have to say. Ohhh... it''s nice to say that to someone else for a change!

I''ll probably pick it up once the price comes down. I liked the first one, enjoyed about the first two-thirds of the second one (I got it, I just didn''t care for the direction it took the series). Depends on the reviews though....

Nah, won''t get it. I am still scarred from the whole naked Raiden, homoerotic gameplay in the second one.

"styx120" wrote:

No ...and with Splinter 2 online and 3 coming soon...why would I?

I perfer MGS to the Splinter Cell games for two different reasons. Splinter Cell does a better job with the stealth gameplay but MGS has a better narrative.

Splinter Cell is a game, MGS is not much more than a semi-interactive movie.

"Ulairi" wrote:

I perfer MGS to the Splinter Cell games for two different reasons. Splinter Cell does a better job with the stealth gameplay but MGS has a better narrative.

Interesting. Personally, I''ll take Splinter Cell''s geopolitics over whatever the hell MGS2 was any day.

The one thing that hurts MGS for me more than anything else is the inane story. I''d like the game twice as much if it was half as ridiculous.

I loved both of the previous MGS games. Mind you I don''t own a PS2 anymore so I won''t be bothering with this one unless they port it to the Xbox.

I''ll probably buy it, and will throw up a proper review.

If i''ve got an extra $50 lying around come January or Febuary, I might give it a shot. If the word on the street is good enough, I might get it sooner, but I won''t be waiting in line for this one.

Passing on this one for a while. The first one was pretty good, I hated the stupid camera system in it though. The second one sure looked pretty, but the story was really stupid, the characters were annoying, and I got sick of watching movies and sometimes playing.

It''s going on the ""Summer 05"" list. My gaming stocking runneth over, but I am interested in the title.

You can preorder it at (online extension of Fry''s Electronics) for $36.99. (Link from

I played the first to death, I''ve had my hands on Splinter Cell and the second MGS title since then so the answer is no. I''ve had my fill of sneaking for a while and my Resident Evil bouts aren''t making the 3rd person genre all that fascinating to me at the moment.

It will go down in price soon enough, I have other titles to invest my cash and time in to until then.

I always approach the MGS series like I did with Read or Die and R.O.D. TV. Super out of control story with crazy ass characters and situation. Hell the TGS MGS3 trailer from this year just SCREAMED Read or Die without a doubt.


I''m much more into 3rd person action and platforming titles than sneaking titles nowadays, and I haven''t even tried SC:Pandora Tomorrow yet with its much-lauded online play.

Review up at Gamespot, it sounds pretty cool i''m definately interested.

I''ve never been attracted to the Metal Gear franchise. I never even played the NES game. What exactly is the ""Metal Gear"" in the game?

1. Metal Gear

A gigantic nuclear capable bipedal tank. Designed to be able to launch a nuke anywhere on the planet thus giving its user an great advantage in undetectable first strike capability. Often terrorist seize these powerful weapons and have to be stopped by the player (Solid Snake, Raiden, Big Boss).

Featured in the games Metal Gear (MSX, NES, Commodore 64), Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX), Metal Gear Solid (PS, PC), and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty/Substance (PS2, Xbox), Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GC) and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2).

""Metal Gear is nothing but nuclear equipped walking death mobile!""
-Solid Snake
""Now you shall bear witness to the demon weapon that will drag the world into the 21st century!""
-Liquid Snake
Source: Preacher, Jan 29, 2004

2. Metal Gear

A nuclear-equipped walking battle tank also equipped with state-of-the-art conventional weaponry such as missiles, heavy machine guns, and lasers. It''s main selling point was its ability to launch a variety of nuclear warheads toward anywhere on Earth from any location. It had the ability to more independently and instead of using a standard nuclear launch module, it was equipped with a weapon, which allowed it to launch a nuclear weapon with no external support. Since it could operate from regions, which were up to that point not on the world''s nuclear strategy map, it was a weapon that destroyed the sensitive balance of nuclear deterrence and represented an enormous threat to the entire world.

You would really not want to be standing in front of Metal Gear Rex if it had a pilot who was unfriendly towards you....
Source: Solid Snake, Jun 23, 2004

3. Metal Gear

A nuclear equipped walking death mobile.Origanally designed to shoot down nuclear missles.For defensive purposes of course

LIAR! I already know that Metal Gear is nothing but a nuclear equipped walking death mobil!
Source: (insert name here), Oct 13, 2003

4. Metal Gear

A gigantic walking war machine Produced in many different forms such as Metal Gear RAY and Metal Gear REX. It appears in the Metal Gear games.

Source: Shotaneko-Kev, Sep 28, 2003

5. Metal Gear

*A massive bipedal tank (bipedal, as in, two-legged) equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, and capable of being equipped with a nuclear arsenal. Being bipedal, it is capable of launching a nuclear missile from ANY point on the face of the earth, from mountains to deserts to swamps, ANYWHERE.

*A verb, used to refer to dangerous intelligence-gathering, spying, espionage, etc.

""A Metal Gear would be cool in real-life, but imagine the dangers...""

""I''m going to Metal Gear that guy''s house.""
""I''m going to Metal Gear the enemy base.""
""That guy can pull off a Metal Gear with ease. ^_^ ""
Source: Dave, Apr 16, 2004