Gran Turismo 5 Catch-All

Moggy wrote:

This is the reason I stopped playing. Grinding to advance gets old after a while. I do enjoy the licence tests, though.

Make sure to log in before the 16th. They're giving away the Redbull X2010 and also have an easy seasonal event that'll give you 5 million credits. Combine that with the login bonuses that they added in Spec 2.0 and that one race can get you 10 million credits. Won't have to grind for credits after that.

Moggy wrote:
Secret Asian Man wrote:

Also, I hate how I'm limited in the races I can race. Right now I'm replaying old races to build up money for a car to race in the special races. 1979 or older supercar or a lightweight british car.

I like having these races but there should be a way to advance the game/levels with my main car.

This is the reason I stopped playing. Grinding to advance gets old after a while. I do enjoy the licence tests, though.

The Forza 4 thread has filthily enabled me into a set of Fanatec controls and I'll be trying out Forza 4 next week. Let us know how GT5v2 is different from v1.

You'll be glad to see this then:

- Experience gained in online races have been increased by 60%, and rewards have been increased by 66%.

How is the training school in GT5? I was considering picking it up to see if I can improve my technique while waiting for Forza 4 to fix the no credit/XP bug. I seem to have hit a wall and could use some lessons.

Talk about late to the party!

Ok, laugh if you want, but I picked up this game because my older son is playing the hell out of Modern Warfare 3 and so I needed a Forza fix when I can get to the other TV at least.

It really pains me how much better Forza has become. The Gran Turismo series lost me at about #3. I liked the original well enough but I thought GT2 really shined. I think it had a nice blend of technical racing but was still fun. I accused GT3 of being a "braking simulator" at the time and felt it had little to do with speed. Something about the track design and the ways the cars handled, the one thing I remember is that it seemed like everytime I was able to go fast and was close to overtaking it was back to a tight corner and everything was slowed down again. I think the lack of any damage modelling was just really odd to me as well, since I figured console racers would have caught up to the PC at that point.

I like the game but it is very Japanese in flavor. I am continually reminded of the quote from The Simpsons. "In America, you reward knowledge. In Japan, we punish ignorance!" I definitely can feel that in some of the user interface. Forza is really good about letting you hop into a race and guiding you through the process of selecting a car and upgrading it. Also, if your difficulty settings are set right you can ensure that the playing field is relatively level between you and the AI racers. Sometimes I feel like GT5 wants me to pick a car that is totally inappropriate to skunk everyone else. Like it expects me to take advantage of the performance disparity.

I did read through the whole thread and I think my stance on the "1000 cars" is that it is poppycock.

There might be a performance difference to some extent, but I'd rather just go with a good model of a particular year then have the game throw 3 or 4 cars that are nearly identical at me. Hell, they have a 2000 Toyota Vitz and a 2000 Toyota Yaris. SAME DAMN CAR! The Yaris is just the European version of the Vitz (before it came to the US as the Yaris as well). I see this all over the vehicle list. Just to add insult to injury, I have yet to get a "Premium" car in the garage other than a go-kart. I'm not real clear on which is which when I'm buying, though the fact that even the reward cars are not premium seems really strange. In reality, it is 200 cars with 800 recycled repeats that they didn't bother to update. Unlike Forza 4 that updated every car from Forza 3. I would love to see a comparison that breaks down the truly unique cars of Forza (because, let's face it, it does a little recycling as well) by make, model, and year and compare the same against Gran Turismo 5.

What GT5's claim about a thousand cars reminds me of the "Mile of Cars" from the movie Used Cars. Sure, they technically had a mile of cars, but it was made up of every old junker they could find.

People are still playing this game? I just got a copy.. :S I'm LTTP, I know.

Forza4 wasn't what I expected, with all those DLCs. Will I have this kind of issue as well?

I don't think so since they didn't start doing DLC until very late in the game. There's a ton of gaming here before you get into car downloads and stuff. Hell, version 2.0 of the game was free while it would've been a paid for expansion in Forza 4.

I'm having a blast with this race game.

Love that they implement new events from time to time.

This last event is for Miatas. Since I own one, I love modding one.

It's such a nice game so far for me. I'm level 17 in a-spec and 6 in b-spec.

Looked at my PS3's friends list, and I'm over them. Guess I need GT5's friend as well PM your handle for PS3, I'll add you!

GT6 coming to the PS3 this fall/holiday. Possible PS4 release in early 2014.

I'm stoked for them to fix the shadows in the new game engine. And the game will feel faster, which is perhaps even better.

The install takes forever. For this much time, BRZs had better be dropping out of the sky.

Word is there's going to be a BAZ STi. I really like the practicality of a hatchback and the WRX has been on my radar for a while but a hot coupe may just put in me in an [early] mid-life crisis. I've been resisting a track spec Genesis for too long and my will is getting weak.

I have no interest in licensing, building level, or any of that. I just want to drive absurdly expensive fast cars right now. If I buy some DLC, can I immediately use those vehicles in arcade mode, or do I have to buy/unlock them somehow?