No Coop for Halo PC


I was just reading the latest interview with Gearbox's Michel Bastien over at Homelan when I caught a sad bit of news amongst the gushing.

HomeLAN - Can you give us a status report on whether or not co-op play or mod tools will be include in the PC port?

 Michel Bastien - Unfortunately, cooperative multiplayer wonÂ't make it in. While it was definitely high on our priority list, we have focused our energies on kick-ass online play, new multiplayer maps, vehicle and weapons as well as brand new multiplayer features for matchmaking and game mode customization.

We plan on supporting the MOD community (stay tuned to for details as they become available). We expect that these will take the Halo multiplayer experience into new territoriesÂ"…

This may be old news to some of you but the last I'd heard was that they weren't sure yet. Way to soften the blow by suggesting the mod community quit whining and do it themselves Mike, that's great.


How can it go from being a PC game to an X-Box game and back to a PC game and lose a feature?

This makes me very sad, and unless Halo PC absolutely rocks the socks in the multiplayer component I wont even touch it. Of course, that's the only reason I considered getting it anyway, but its dissappointing to say the least.

Letting the mod community add coop seems to be the latest rage, that's what Half-Life 2 is doing.

what a shame... well at least I still have the Xbox version. So I can still play the co-op on X!

The do have a pretty legitimate reason for being unable to get co-op working in the PC version. Simply put, when playing co-op on the Xbox, you're running the same game from the same machine. The scripting and events that occur are all in synch, because there's only one client. This is the reason, for example, that you can't be in two different levels while playing co-op on the Xbox. That would require separate clients, which the Xbox doesn't do.

They already stated in interviews that they certainly could implement co-op on the PC version, but it would have to be split screen on the same PC. That's a bit of a waste, since both players would need a mouse and keyboard. It's possible with USB, but still a bit silly overall.

I'm perfectly happy to accept the lack of co-op play, considering the technical hurdles involved in implementing it. The expanded multiplayer options and the ability to play online are enough for me. Using Xbox Tunnel or multiple Xboxes and televisions was never a good option for multiplayer without split screen.

Isnt that pretty much how the game really shined?  I meant is it really that much fun to jump into a vehicle by yourself?  (I have heard that most people do prefer the AI gunners)

I was really looking forward to GWJ Halo night but I dont want to play competitive multiplayer.  I have plenty of that in Planetside.  Halo PC could have filled a niche but now I will probably pass.

It's been done in other games, they could have done the same here. Especially after suggesting the mod community do it, that would at least indicate that it's possible.

 I understand their reasons for not doing so but it still sucks.

Man I cannot belive that I waited 6 years for this and they aren't gonna put CO-OP in it. CO-OP was a must have feature for me.

And don't even start with the lame excuse of the X-Box version has co-op on the same machine and its really hard to do it another way.

How about you have 1 machine be the server and it control all the ai for everything and the other machine connect to it as a client.

Other games have done something just like this. I remember a little 'budget' game called Serious Sam. Its pretty much the same concept and yet gearbox can't get their act together and do it.

I know that bungie sold out and that we won't see Halo 2 on the PC. But they did say that Halo would come to PC, well I won't be buying some hacked up no co-op version. They just lost me as a customer
Now if co-op does come out in some patch or something. I will be right there with money in hand and foot in mouth

Sorry for the rant. Halo had a special place in my heart and now I feel so let down and betrayed. Nothing like getting wayyyyy too dramatic about a video game


This bothered me as well. You guys might do this too, but My Xbox has been in my car more then it has my house. Everytime I get some spare time (ie: consecutive days off) I throw my Xbox in a bag, stuff four controllers and a copy of Halo in with it, put said bag in car, and drive to a friend's house to enjoy an entire game of co-op halo. Sure sure, we do the deathmatch and king of the hill thing, but we spend far much more time with the co-op. It has actually become a ritual for us. everytime me and my "FPS" friend get together, the first thing we do is hook up my xbox and play through the whole game together. It takes about 6 hours, but we enjoy it. We've become quite good, so good that we were looking forward to doing it almost every night via the internet. However, when I told him this bit of news, I think we BOTH cried.

Am I the only one who still plays Quake 2 for its Co-op mode?