D&D CATCH-ALL because Baron is dumb


Making a thread to talk about all things D&D and the like related. Got a question you want answered? To bad because I don't know anything but someone else might help you.
Now just D&D specific because tabletop game threads are raining from the sky on this forum.

Title changed from D&D, Shadowrun, Pathfinder,Any Pen N Paper game to D&D Catch All

Table Top Catch All: For any Pen N Paper game other than D&D

1. Roll Play = a weekly game being played on twitch.tv but they also post on youtube.

1. The Tangled Web http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?13-Recruiting-Office-Find-and-Post-New-Games
2. Giant in the Playground http://www.giantitp.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3
3. Myth-Weavers http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumhome.php
4. Enworld http://www.enworld.org


Paging Demos and his DM questions. I'll be back later with unsolicited advice.

I always wanted to play a Rifts campaign, but the Palladium system is such a lumbering, tumorous stalagmite, I never did.

I'm primarily a Cthulhu player/referee these days but my local group did start a Pathfinder game up last summer. We're on a hiatus at the moment (the DM and his wife just had a baby) but are hoping to start back up in another month or two.

ETA: If anyone cares one of our players has been writing up our campaign. This is everything except our very last session. (Warning: PDF. I don't know why he did it that way.)

Urk. Double post.

Starting (as a player) a new Pathfinder campaign a week from Sunday. It's been a few years since we've gotten the group back together (weddings, kids, life intervening) and I am practically giddy with excitement.


Dragon Age lover here. I love it and some Fourthcore.

Then let this become the D&D-centric thread

Well, gonna post in the other thread, then! Enjoy yourselves, and lemme know what 5e is doing different.

Love the OP.
Edit: moving to prior thread.

We have a D and D Next thread. And a 4e thread. Probably a general DND thread too.

Oh sure, when the question goes out are there any D&D threads nobody knows nothing. Then when I make one they start falling out the sky. Its raining D&D hallelujah.

Ok someone ping whoever moderates these things to close this.

Didn't see the other threads so I changed this to D&D only. My search skills might just be off though.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Didn't see the other threads so I changed this to D&D only. My search skills might just be off though.

Those cross-class skills get you everytime...

I just caved under the peer pressure of the podcast to get more involved in the community. So here I am.
Might as well launch my involvement in a game with tons of nostalgia potential but not enough interested real life friend players.

Me and my girlfriend have been hoping to find someone in the Montreal area interested in some table top D&D. Ring me if you're on the island/Laval and interested. If we get a player or two, we may be able to shanghai a couple of our other friends into a match. They already like board and card games...its just a matter of time.

Nice that a new D&D thread has opened up...feels less intimidating than posting after 150 pages of history.

See! Baron isn't dumb!

Added a link to OP to find games being played online.

Giant in the Playground has always been a good place for me to find games. Currently DMing two and playing one there.

Updating OP.

Updating OP with Myth-Weavers as a good place to find games to play online. One thing to note though they are strictly PbP, play by post, site. My personal thoughts on it is PbP is more slow but can be played at any time regardless of schedule. One or two people dropping off can kill the game, but a group of timely posters can keep a game going for a long time.

Yay! So I am starting to DM a 3.5 group about two weeks from now composed of my wife and a few of her friends.

As it has been a while, and i did far more playing than DMing when I did play years back, I am just a tad nervous about the whole thing.

So far I've written out some world building stuff (descriptions of each province in the empire) and have a pretty good idea of what the party can expect on their first big questline (guarding a trade caravan at the Legate's request due to banditry which will lead to some smaller questlines in the towns as they go along).

Right now, I am working on their first nights' encounters... basically so i can try different things to see what each person likes, including...
- Regular combat scenarios without many mitigating factors.
- Weird combat scneario (in this case a rotating floor to a room with little outlets that don't rotate)
- Skill usage, from search and listen (which can lead to an advantage in one area's combat encounter) to knowledge, tracking, and social checks.
- Puzzle! Pretty simple in this case, as they will be level one and I don't know how much anyone other than my wife wants to do them.

Sooooo... What am I missing so far? Any tips or suggestions as I continue to look through DMimg materials and prep encounters.

Come up with a memorable character or two if you haven't already, and think of some interesting plot for the players to discover at least a hint of. The best campaigns are like soap operas.

complexmath wrote:

Come up with a memorable character or two if you haven't already, and think of some interesting plot for the players to discover at least a hint of. The best campaigns are like soap operas.

One isn't fully fleshed out yet, but will be the trading caravan's leader who is only interested in money. The protection for his caravan was not his idea, and with less money being made as a whole with trade on Ferrus Island disrupted, he is glad to have help, but distrusts people he doesn't know. I am imagining an amusing exchange where he doesn't want to buy weapons the PCs have found in the old dwarven mining outpost until they get to their first town and people are frantic for weapons to fight off the newly hostile spiders of Silkwood... then he is very interested in them... possibly right after the PCs have sold them to someone else there.

Is the THAC0 debate off-limits? Should it be?

ianunderhill wrote:

Is the THAC0 debate off-limits? Should it be?

I have only ever played 3.5... THAC0 was just another thing in Baldur's Gate that made no sense to me.

Is that some kind of fancy pants taco?

It's a stat used in a to-hit mechanic in 2nd edition AD&D (and an optional means for the same in 1st ed.). It's not that complicated, but it's arguably less intuitive than BAB in 3.0 and greater. The debate basically rages with the pro-side claiming people can't do basic arithmetic (it requires either adding negative numbers marked as positives, or multiplying everything by -1) and are hornswoggled marketing suckers for buying products dating later than 2nd ed., while the con-side talks about it being counter-intuitive due to smaller numbers being better/subtracting values marked as positive/involving extra steps. If you really want to see some bone-headed nerd rage, pump "what's wrong with THAC0?" into your favorite search engine and prepare for a series of aneurysms. It's mainly a "who's right on the internet" holy war of no consequence.

My own take was always more along the lines of "edition X is designed with mechanic Y; play what you like", though most of the THAC0 defenders I've personally run across have a tendency for knee-jerk retrogrouchery.

EDIT: Oh, and it stands for "To Hit Armor Class 0".

Ah yeah that is what they used in the elder scrolls arena. Played without reading the instructions and was horribly confused for awhile.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Updating OP with Myth-Weavers as a good place to find games to play online.

Thank you! I used to a LOT of play by post gaming in the past, and even helped moderate a site for it. As of late there were two sites I used to lurk at, and I could only remember one. Myth-Weavers was the other one.

I haven't played anything past 3.5, and am one of the rare players who liked 3.0 a little bit better. Burnout from moderating a very drama-heavy site finally got the best of me, but I've been wanting to try it again.