Minnesota Board Game Night at Johnvanjim's - Friday, February 28th, 6:30 PM until late)

Dammit… four games I really wanted to play this month. Oh well, guess I'll see you all next month.

Updated with new date, Friday November 30th. Indy, if you bring SmashUp, we'll make sure to get it out on at least one of the tables!

Dang it! Nov 30th is kid's birthday! One of these times I am going to make it to these events!!

Stupid kids and their birthdays.

I should actually be able to make this one, but don't anyone hold their breaths just in case....

Annnnd, yet another reminder that this upcoming Friday night, fun with games made of dead trees can be had at my place. if you're interested in coming and need directions, shoot me a PM!

I'll be there.

Dang it, I want to come to another one but I'm on call Friday night. And I still need to get my shoes from Indy!

I'm also on call for the weekend, unfortunately, no games for me Friday either . Docjoe, your shoes have applied for resident status in our conference room, but I can deport them to your side of the world if you want.

I'll have to play it by ear, have stuff to bake for a bake sale to benefit the dog rescue my wife and I volunteer with. Bake sale is Sunday in Eagan funny enough.

Well Indy maybe I can get them from you this weekend since we're both stuck at the hospital. Can you give me a page when you're free? I'm on the ANW paging system.

Updated date for December's event. We had some fun (and possible frustration) playing some new games, Wiz War was great fun, Space Alert will will go much smoother next time we play (mechanics!) and the ever-present Cards Against Humanity rounded out the evening. Good stuff!

Going to seriously try to make it this time! My secret Stanta gave me the undead pack for Dungeon Command and I want to learn how to play! I also want to play Wrath of Ashardalon beyond the first solo adventure.

*chuckles* As you already probably know, that was me! *grins* Although I think you need more than one pack to play, and I don't have that game yet..

I'm thinking of trying to get a regular Descent 2.0 group going though, that game looks fun. Ashardalon was interesting, but the "play itself/random tile" mechanics never really gelled for me.

According to the package everything is included for two people to play. Though it would probably be a short game if you are sharing figures.

Just a reminder that this upcoming Friday is the Last-Friday-Of-The-Month game night. It's optional of course, and you don't have to tell me if you can't make it (I'll assume that as a default position) but if you're down for a little beer/pizza/games, drop me a heads-up and pop on over.

Festivities start at 6:30 and go until late, bring a game if you like, but if not, won't worry, lord knows we've got enough entertainment here to occupy us for as long as we've got free time.

Happy Holidays and hope to see ya then!

Just a reminder, this is going on tonight from 6:30 onward. If you're interested in getting out of the snow, having a beer/slice/game with some fun blokes, then look no further. Shoot me an email if you need directions [email protected]!

Going to try and make it, we'll see if they hit me with more last minute things...

Wish I could make it, folks are in town. Next time.

I will be there!

Bummer, probably won't be able to make that, company "winter soiree" is that night.

Large group, good times! Thanks to everyone who made it (sorry you couldn't make it Dan!) From what I could see, people had a fun time playing everything from Cash N' Guns, Let's Kill, Last Night on Earth, Agricola, Cards against Humanity (with the new Holiday cards, needless to say, Santa had a lot in his sack..)

Side thanks to Rainsmercy for donating a game of Runebound to the collection, we'll have to get that one on the table sometime in the future along with Dungeon command!

Scheduling the next night, and it's looking like it'll actually end up being on Friday, Feb 1st. Updating header now..

And consider this your beginning of the week reminder for the event coming up this Friday. I'm going to try and have some games already setup and ready to go for when people arrive.

So, will have to see how I feel, talking to the DA Friday morning about the thing that killed my sister, so skipping my company party already. Did anyone get one of the other Dungeon Command factions? I think Indy was talking about it.

I'll be there this time.

I have not picked up Dungeon Command yet, but will plan on doing so. Unfortunately family is coming into town this weekend, so I'll have to wait til next month.

Netrunner, Magic, DiceTown and Munchkin hit the table and good times were had! Thanks for bringing your megaset of Munchkin over, I forgot how much casual fun that game can be!

So when is the next game night? I am probably going to pick up a second Dungeon Command set, probably the drow set. Hoping they put out a Dwarf set soon.

Game night will be this Friday night! (Details for the latest scheduled night will always be in the post header as well). Should be fun!

Hmm, bummer, would have bumped up the shipping on the Dungeon Command box I ordered so I would have it in time if I had known. That's what I get for assuming it would be 3/1:)

I'll be there as the usual token GWJer who shows up. I picked up Flash Point recently, will bring that along.