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Scratched wrote:

Rift Lite, The first 20 levels for free.

Which brought me right back into the game after trying it out via the GMG Free thingy.

Let's see if i use Rift or WoW as a little time sink. The class system is better in Rift, but the races seem to be a bit 'meh' on the lore side so far.

Is anyone playing? I just came back.

A little bit here and there. It's my MMO timekiller of choice atm.

Does anyone know of a good leveling guide for guardian similar to the James' guide for WoW leveling? I'm in the mid-20s and the questing is starting to get tedious. It would be nice to have a guide that would let me know the best route to take through the zone and which quests to skip.

Also, this will sound like a dumb question, but can guardians level in defiant zones?

You won't be able to do quests in a cross-faction zone, but you can do rifts, etc. If you're tired of quests, I would take a break by rifting, doing zone events, wafronts, and running dungeons. XP for warfronts is pretty damn good, you'll level up in no time. At level 45, do Instant Adventure and you'll hit cap really quickly.

Thanks. These are good ideas. Now that you mention it, I like closing the rifts and doing the events but have been pretty passive about them since hitting Gloamwood. I haven't done any dungeons yet but should.

Is there any way to know which rifts or invasions in the zone have groups actively fighting them?

Funkenpants wrote:

Is there any way to know which rifts or invasions in the zone have groups actively fighting them?

For an invasion, when you open up the map (M), you can mouse over the blue/white star icon hovering over the zone and it will tell you the progress that has been made on the event. If it's not budged at all, then maybe no one's on it.

If anyone is looking for a casual, mature and friendly raiding guild on Faeblight Defiant, check out Tractus Apparatus. They've got strong leadership, and they have been active since launch.

TA looks like they got it together, that's cool. Are you in the guild?

Another bunch you might want to consider if you're into the raiding side of things with the defiant on Faeblight are AV, brash at times, but they have held it together as a crowd since original Everquest.

Rift just went live with 1.8, which has some pretty awesome new features, if anyone was thinking of getting back into it.


- Fishing!
- Really cool leaderboards system. It's somewhat similar to SCII's leaderboards, in that it divides you into localized leagues, so you compete with players of a similar caliber.
- New 20-man raid
- Guild finder
- Lots of class improvements

Ah, it finally dropped. I let my sub lapse because I've been super busy at work for the past little bit. Probably time to re-up.

I just resubbed after being away since... last May? I'm kind of overwhelmed. It's hard to figure out what the hell I was doing with my mid thirties warrior and cleric. Might have to reroll just to ease back into it. Wow a lot has changed!

I am subbing for at least another month. I have been missing the game.

Was wondering how many GWJ are still playing, what server, faction, and guild? Looking at starting up with my brother and give this a fresh go.

I know that me and Yoyoson are in Tractus Aparatus on the Faeblight server (defiant side).

Cool, maybe I can get in with you guys?
Hows TA for a guild?

I somehow wound up with a free copy and am about halfway through my free month. Don't know if I'll stick with it or not though. On Faeblight too but on the Guardians side.

Absolutely, Slytin. The missus and I have found a home with TA, and I think you and your bro would fit right in. Tyagaraja, sorry for not answering you earlier, but the answer is yes!

Tanstaafl, I wish the game supported faction switching. Unfortunately I don't spend any time on the Guardian side anymore, but I can ask someone for a recommendation on a similar Guardian guild if you're interested.

Rift is the first MMO in which I've reached level cap and started end-game raiding. It's been a blast so far.

Official invitation to all GWJers:

We are a friendly, mature, casual guild. We've gotten 9/11 bosses in Hammerknell, and we'll be making our first trip to Infernal Dawn in a couple of weeks.
You'll find the "Recruitment" link here!

I'm only 2 weeks in so it isn't like I'm heavily invested in the character; I'm level 17 I think.

tanstaafl wrote:

I'm only 2 weeks in so it isn't like I'm heavily invested in the character; I'm level 17 I think.

Characters can mail across faction now, so if you did reroll to be with them, anything that was not soulbound to you could be mailed over to your new characters - once they get out of newbie-ville

Couldn't find another, newer thread for Rift. Is anyone still playing this? The new expansion looks interesting so I thought I might take a look.

They are having a free weekend this weekend in prep for the new expansion coming out.

Looks interesting but I still have too many games on my plate!

For some reason I resubbed right before GW2 came out. I've played maybe 4 hours since then.

I did quite enjoy those 4 hours, though.

Yep I'm having fun with it. Love the rifts. Hit 20 on the lite toon so bought the xpac and subbed for a month. Also rolled the other faction to see the story and find it very interesting. Wouldn't mind finding a GWJ guild if one is active. I rolled on Greybriar.

I just started playing a beastmaster on Faeblight defiant. I'm level 9 if anyone wants to get together and play let me know. Chars name is Slytin

The instant adventures I really like. You get good rewards and good xp. It is sort of like a zone where all the dynamic events of say GW2 are triggered all the time and the more people in the zone the more events are active. This has got to be the future because it gets soloers or loners or people that will group so long as there are no lingering ties required, to cooperate. Sprinkle that in with some optional personal story structured missions to get some personal identity and achievement with your character to balance out the go-go-go nature of dynamic quests.

I don't know if I can get back into this game or not because it took a while to re-figure out the skill system and setup my characters. We will have to see about the new souls for each archetype. It looks like warriors will finally get some ranged nukes. Mages will get a melee bruiser. Clerics will get darkness. And rogues will get more heals. They all sound great I am just not sure I want to pay $40 + $15 to test them out.

The mages play a lot better. The clerics always played well but the mana drain was bad for both the cleric and the mage. That has been fixed now.

Clerics of all different varieties and a few rogue options were always the most fun for me around launch time. But the mage has taken over as my favorite while the rogue has weakened a bit. I think maybe i just need to swap in some rift stalker for some ruggedness or saboteur for aoe.

while the rogue has weakened a bit

What, are Bards no longer immortal?

Nope =)

You can get expansion for 30 on greenman.