SWTOR: GWJ Sith Guild, Imperial Paper Pushers Catch-All

I would like an invite to IPP on JC. My character is Tarkan a lvl 13 Chiss bounty hunter.

Now that there's a graphics setting that doesn't make my lappy want to cry, I've been checking out this game some more. GioMagnus - Sith Assassin, if I can get an invite.

Would like an invite. Imp Side: Cuke

I got Gioclark in and have Radical on my friends list as of his post, but I can't seem to catch him online. I will add you Cuke/Redaqua.

Right now everyone in the IPP on JC has invite privileges. So you can do "/who" and type 'paper' or 'imperial paper pushers' into the search box and anyone that pops up online can bring you in. Just "/whisper" them and ask if they're in the IPP and tell them Ivan sent you, but stating you're a goodjer should be enough.

You can also '/friend Ivani' and anytime I am online you'll get a notification. But I am adding anyone that posts here to my list.

I am online almost daily for ~2 hours. It varies between 4pm and 10pm EST. Once I see a new goodjer has joined, I give them invite rights (but not removal abilities) to make sure the guild can always bring new goodjers/friends/family in and noone gets kicked from the guild accidentally. To invite someone do '/ginvite'

Are you guys still playing on Imperial side? Just got my second Republic character to 50, so now I'm playing around with a couple of Imperial characters, mostly a Twi'lek Powertech who I'm really digging. But, I haven't had any luck doing a /who 'imperial paper' or anything like that.

If the guild IS still active, my name's Xarren and I'd love an invite. Thanks!

You're welcome to an invite, but the guild is not active. It only has Republic Alts and does not do any events.

If you want an active guild, I recommend shopping around on the main forums. If you want a ghost town, then I can set up a time to be online to invite you. Anyone in the IPP that's a Goodjer has invite privileges, but it is difficult to find them online.

That's what I was looking for, thanks. Too bad! I missed the Imperial alt train, it seems. I'm really enjoying my Powertech (25 in like 3 days) but I'm also basically playing the game single-player these days, using the /guild as a point of contact with other actual human beings.

I enjoy'd the empire side as well as an Imperial Agent. It had a nice Borne spin to it where you were constantly working under cover.

I'm running three chars in parallel, more or less. One Jedi Guardian and two Empire stooges: a Bounty Hunter and a Sith Sorcerer. The Empire boys would love to get into a guild and have some company. Their names are:

Kaarget - Sorcerer
Laxit - BH