BHA Raid 6/5 - 6/11 - Cautious Optimism, or Frank Realism

He continues to spoil(?) our fun(?):


Post up if you're still interested in bursting virtual loot piñatas via holy trinity mechanics.

[size=6]P.S. Gender swapped Diablo is hawt.[/size]

zeroKFE - rDPS, liability
Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday: 7 - 10 PM (one of the above)

Thursday 7 server.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are fine, but then going out-of-state on the 8th and won't be back until the following Tuesday or so.

I can do Tuesday through Saturday.

I'd love to but am back in Africa for another month

I can go whenever

In like usual.

Only available Sundays due to change in work schedule.

So far only 6 confirmed for Thursday. If you care at all about doing some 5-mans or LFR, feel free, but nothing official this week.

*bumping for possible bot activity* ... Anyone have a way on the boards to get in touch with someone named Boogie? I'm too dumb to figure out how to search by user name here.

Anyway, guy has been on 24/7 in Twilight Highlands for the past few days. He's on remote chat and not responding to whispers or guild chat.

Enix wrote:

*bumping for possible bot activity*

Is it sad that I thought you were talking about Bastion of Twilight until I read the whole post a couple times?....I think it is XD

Depending on how my build and setup goes today on my new PC, I may be available this week or very soon on Actinide (rDPS/heal) or Isoalpha (mDPS). Both are undergeared, so I'll have to spend some time getting back up to par.

Tossed up a thread for next week, since we're halfway through this one. Sign up, y'all!