Infogrames Resurrects Name, Pretends to be Atari


According to this Gamespy Daily article, French publisher Infogrames has taken the name of a defunct corporation to reconstruct its own image.  Realizing that pretty much everyone misspelled their former name which has a pointless 'r' thrown in as if at random, the decision was made to rename Inrfrogrramrersrr to Atari, a name some analysts suggest they may have actually purchsed with beads and fire-water.  Atari, which doesn't mean anything in French, has obvious brand name recognition creating nostalgic reminiscence of the halcyon Lynx and Jaguar days for gamers.  I'm joking, of course!  Atari, known for pitting orange blocks against green blocks and calling it sports, or war, or Adventure!, is reborn with pretty much no one associated from the original company involved, though it is said some of the personnel of the Corporation Formerly Known as Infogrames might have played some 2600 games over at a friends' house. 

 In other news, nobody wants to be called Intellivision.


hey elysium, atari's american. the name was only chosen because of it's relation to the game of go.

*turns in hardcore gamer badge again.

In other news, nobody wants to be called Intellivision.

Pure gold.  Keep it up guys.

don't worry, mine's a loaner from the gamer-retiree home that i have timeshares in.