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Just saw this posted at RPS - Dustforce, a new indie game releasing next week on Steam.

I wonder if this is what janitors daydream about, wishing their job was this cool.

That actually looks pretty fun.

I'm digging the music and concept. I just hope it's not nearly as hard as Super Meat Boy.

Looks like something I will keep on my Radar. I'm working on only buying games during Steam Sales, so I'm sure that this will be one I pick up this summer.

Looks more like Dust Gaiden to me.

Next week; already?! As long as the words are positive, I'll be picking this up.

Dust and enemies are apparently important for navigating the environment, which makes me wary. That is, it appears to be an "execute a precise sequence perfectly or die" game, which I tend not to like playing.

@Itsatrap: The game definitely wants you to master its controls just like a good platformer does - however, you can also move through the levels in less 'elegant' ways. What the trailers show is usually the stuff that would get you the highest score, i.e. moving quickly through the level and delivering combos while doing so. The way Dustforce is animated and the way the game flows make it feel really satisfying though if you can pull off the extreme stuff.*

*Impressions are based on the time I spent with the IGF build a while ago,

Tagged. Pretty much gonna pick this up next week.

Looks supremely cool, what a great concept! If this is at all like Super Meat Boy I'm in, especially if it has some basic combat thrown in, and is perhaps a teensy bit easier than the aforementioned SMB.

Based on the trailer, this game is definitely going on my list. I love the fluid animation and visual style. Cleaning up the falling leaves as you go is just strangely cool.

It looks so f*cking awesome.

I can't get enough of this kind of game. Looks great!

Color me interested.

Saw this video linked to on the Steam forum. My initial impression of it looking similar to SMB's gameplay seems to be accurate if this is any indication. As with SMB, the controls in Dustforce better be tight in order to pull off the precise moves shown.

Picked it up but sadly it keeps crashing so I can't play it =/

This game's been in development for years, and no demo on release? The freeware/demo they released a year ago, while having no indication of the final product, felt way too floaty to me. Guess I'm not in a hurry to play, so instead of trying it out I'll just wait. Bummer.

I'm not in a hurry to play it either. As interesting as it looks, I'll wait for the summer Steam sale or indie bundle, whichever happens first.


cyrax wrote:

This game's been in development for years, and no demo on release? The freeware/demo they released a year ago, while having no indication of the final product, felt way too floaty to me. Guess I'm not in a hurry to play, so instead of trying it out I'll just wait. Bummer.

I think that was done in GameMaker and they've since recoded everything. The little I got to play didn't feel floaty, but I think they might have one too many input buttons:
Up-Arrow: wall/roof slide
Down-Arrow: slope slide
Left-Ctrl: dash
Z: jump
X: light attack
C: heavy attack
XC: finisher

You probably get used to it but I kept jumping when I meant to dash and stuff.

edit: I managed to play some more. The controls are responsive but it's not as fluid as Super Meat Boy. You can't do infinite wall jumps for example =(. You can gain momentum by dusting things off, but if you miss them by just a bit then your character feels a bit sluggish, so I think there's a higher emphasis on doing things perfectly than in Meat Boy.

MeatMan wrote:

As interesting as it looks, I'll wait for the summer Steam sale or indie bundle, whichever happens first.

$9 is too much for you? Spoiler indeed.

Has Steam and indie bundles taught you nothing?

Plus I also said "I'm not in a hurry to play this." That's because I have games on the pile that still need to be played. Then there's ME3 right around the corner, which I'll probably end up playing on day 1. So yes, I'll wait until I see it discounted, at which point it will likely be $5 (or less) making it a no-brainer to add to the pile.

I can't really tell if any of you actually picked this up or not (other than kyrieee), but if you did, add me!


A big part of the fun in this game (like, say, Trials or Super Meat Boy) is trying to 1-up friends' scores on the leaderboards. The game has that addicting quality that makes you want to go back and perfect each level.

This game is quite good but don't pick it up expecting Super Meat Boy. Getting to the end of a level, at least in the beginning, is trivial, but to progress through the game you need to get a double S-rank which means dusting everything without losing your combo, and that's significantly harder. Even the second level of the game is over a minute long on a decent run, which is quite long in my opinion. There's a good number of levels unlocked right away, but I don't think you learn how to get a good score on earlier levels just by getting to the end of a later level.

So, to me this game is just about learning a level and perfecting it. I enjoyed that in SMB (I got almost all the achievements and dammit I'm gonna get those last ones) but I also enjoyed just progressing through the game and gradually getting better at it. SMB was designed to be addictive and pulled it off so well, something Dustforce doesn't seem to even attempt. Dustforce says "if you want to perfect your runs in a difficult platformer with solid mechanics, check me out!" while SMB was more like "we're gonna make you want to do this level over and over, you won't be able to resist".

Oh! Didn't realize it was out.

I'll probably pick it up this weekend, and add anyone who professes interest. Feel free to friend me up:

I don't have time to play this game properly and get good at it, from what time I have played of it I can see a terrible potential for it to eat my life whole. This is pretty much exactly what I want from a platformer.

This game is fantastic for couch multiplayer. There are only two modes right now -- king of the hill and survival -- and only a few maps, but what is there is brilliant. It plays a little like smash bros: simple combat system with plenty of depth and room to improve as a player.
You can play one on one, but with four players it's madness. Especially king of the hill.

For this reason alone I'd say the game is worth the 10 bucks. But, as has been noted above, there's always steam sales and indie bundles.

I added some of you guys for some friendly leaderboard competition.

1:35 AM, finally beat Kyrieee's time on Valley. Victory. Sleep.

Haha good job

edit: damn this took way longer than it had any right too
pretty happy with it though

I think the one thing I wish this game did is have an easier unlocking method as a nice place to stop and take a breath in the difficulty curve. Something like "get one S", where you can take your time and explore the level and clean everything and feel like you've accomplished something by unlocking a new level, and then later you can come back and get the second S to get the better unlock? Something like that. Getting SS isn't super super hard on the earlier levels, but it definitely takes some work--and if you don't get it, then... you don't get it. You get nothing at all, except maybe that your score increased.

I guess I wish the levels had a "hard version" or something, and that unlocking all the levels wasn't as time consuming--but unlocking the hard modes was, maybe. In SMB, the levels that require major repeated play to "get past" and move on are really just the boss fights at the end of chapters. Those levels tend to be larger, while the run of the mill SMB levels are smaller and more focused (usually). Failure in terms of "you don't get to the next level" is also quick and painless(?) (okay, actually very painful--but quick!) Whereas in Dustforce, you have to figure out whether you can get that last bit of stuff without losing your combo, and then... you don't quite, and you're like "Well, sh*t. Guess I need to start over."

For some reason, the "Aww, your combo ended, you can't win now" is much more frustrating than plowing into a meat grinder or pile of salt is.

Perhaps it's because there's a sense that "Oh, you don't need to get SS to complete a level!!!1!" in Dustforce... only you really do need to, or you're not going to be able to see other cool levels. Whereas in SMB, you need to survive to get to the next level, and until you do that you haven't completed the level at all. But later, when you're better, you can go for a good time in order to unlock the harder version of the level.

Anyway, I like it... but I'm frustrated by it. I don't feel like I can pick it up and play a little bit and make some progress and then put it down when it gets frustrating, so I end up not picking it up.

Hmmm, it's gonna take a few years of practice before I'm good enough to beat Night Temple I think.