Some guy buys a virtual sword for 16k

If this was already posted i'm sorry I did not see it. You can also see the video for this on CNN.

Sounds like he should be playing T'Rain..

Didn't someone get murdered over something like this?

You know, if they sold items for World of WarCraft 2 now, people would pay obscene amounts of money for them.

for unreleased game

*later* Turns out the game is cancelled, ever so sorry.

I hope the game is a complete flop...

I love the expressions of the PR people around him. As in, "we're directly employed by this company, and even we think this is a terrible idea."

I feel dirty buying Chinese gold. And I spend less than $10.00 on it. This guy is freakin' nutz!

Conspicuous consumption indeed.

Send him a photo of the family he could have supported for a year.

I wonder what made it worth 16k to him and if it was a charity auction.