Guild Wars 2 or Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning ?

I am skipping the SW MMO. So am now looking at GW2 and KoAR.
So would like to see if we can have a decent discussion about the pros and cons of each.
But also who already knows what one he or she is going to play, as it is a huge bonus
having more Goodjers in the game.

I really need to read up on it more. But so far KoAR has a release date and GW2 does not.
KoAR seems more geared towards console gamers maybe. At least the graphics give me
that vibe. Having GW2 released for PC only, makes me full good about support and UI.

I really need to read up on it more. But so far KoAR has a release date and GW2 does not.

There ya go.

And just so we're clear, the game that's coming out in February isn't an MMO. That's still in the works. As it stands Amalur looks to be a mashup of Fable, Oblivion and ... shoot, what's the other game we've been equating it to. God of War's fighting?

You can finish Amalur before GW2 will come out. I think that's enough of a sell.

Ah, ok. I thought it was going to be an MMO right from the start. Well, that kind of kills the whole debate for now lol
Did a quick check and yes it is right there. Single player. Well, both games it will probably be then.

According to some NCsoft quarterly reports, GW2 may not be out until holiday 2012. I say pick which one launches first. I'll also say that TOR is awesome and if you need a guess pass hit up the GWJ community. Heck, I'd be happy to help you out.

As already pointed out, Reckoning will be a single-player RPG that precedes the planned Amular MMO, assuming the MMO will actually complete development and get released.

Regardless, if ArenaNet can fulfill just half of what they've been hyping for GW2, it will the better game of the two mentioned in the OP.

As angsty as I am over Guild Wars 2 giving up so many of the unique mechanics that made Guild Wars special, I will say that it has a pretty original setting. Amalur looks rather generic.