The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance Part 2... Extreme


Sorry, the title wasn't quite long enough yet. The last in the series of free Animatrix movies, this is the second part of the previously released Second Ranaissance. It comes in three flavors of the Quicktime format. Head over here to check it out.


The Animatrix DVD should be out June 3rd!


It doesnt come in windows media, the Windows download link gives you a .zip file instead of .sit for mac. So its only Quicktime.

Whoops, you're right. I'll fix it.

Fileshack has this for download. I never bother with the sight because the downloads are always pathetic.

You know who I really like for downloads?


They have this awesome p2p client built into thier servers, you can download from p2p users without sharing in netscape, and in IE and Opera they have a p2p client that downloads and installs. Its very neat, I can usually get popular files where the wait is too long at other sites pretty easily that way.

Dont think they had this though, just sayin

I got it straight from the animatrix website at a 300 kbytes/sec - what my cable modem tops out at. 


Omg omg this one prevented me from sleeping last night, was too scared of big-bad octopusrobots coming to weld my armor open and tentacle-rape me -_-;;