Ratchet and Clank 3 MP BETA First Impressions

It kicks ass.

Back for more later when I can pull myself from the game. Oh and for those wondering what its like, imagine BF1942/V/UT2k4 assault with sheepinator as a weapon.

The first Ratchet and Clank game was one of the better platformers I''ve ever played. Looking forward to more news when you have it.

From the man making the game:

Hey all-

I''ve had some fun games so far! Thanks for playing! I thought I''d give a few tips here for beginners. Feel free to contribute!

The Camera Modes

By default, you start in ""3rd person"" camera mode, which is probably what you are most familiar with if you''ve played other Ratchet and Clank games. There are 2 other camera modes available: lock strafe and 1st person. You should try out lock strafe or 1st person, because the aiming is better. Or, if you are staying in 3rd person, make sure you know about the strafe button - R2 - it can make things much easier.

To change camera modes, you use the alternate quick select menu. Get to that by holding down triangle to bring up the quick select, and then depending what mode you are in, hold down R1 or R2. You should see the 3 camera modes you can select.

The Weapons

N60 - this is the weapon you start out with. It''s very good for taking down nodes and bases, and pretty effective against other players. Range is medium. This is a good overall weapon.

Shock Blaster: this is the shotgun. It''s great for close range combat. I usually use the shock blaster when I''m defending my base. If you are using it, try to get in close to deliver more damage.

Gravity Bomb: the gravity bomb does massive damage, but it''s slow and more difficult to hit people. You just have to jump at the right time to dodge it. One cool thing about the gravity bomb is that you can go into look mode and launch gravity bombs across the map! Try it out! Go into look/aim mode (I think it defaults to L1), and then look up in the sky and fire a gravity bomb.

Mini Rocket Tube: the rocket launcher. Auto tracking, medium-long range weapon. It does brutal damage! However, time your jumps right and you can avoid the rockets.

Lava Gun: This weapon is definitely one of my personal favorites. Similar to the shock blaster, it is good for close range combat. When you upgrade the lava gun, it becomes super deadly!

Sheepinator: You can sheepinate just about everything in the game except for the turrets and vehicles. Sheepinator will be a good weapon for people who like to sneak up behind others. One strategy is to try to get in close and then sheepinate.

Mine Glove: This one is brutal! You will be able to throw 6 mines out into the world, which will auto track and attack an enemy when they get close! One of the first things to do, is figure out how to take the mines out. The N60 works ok, but the gravity bomb and shock blaster are great anti-mine weapons. I like to throw out mines around places that require extra defense--like the nodes.

Sniper Rifle: The ultimate long-range weapon. You''ll probably find several good sniping points in the levels. If you have the reflexes and coordination to aim this guy, you''re going to be getting a lot of kills.

The Gadgets

Holoshield: The holoshield is good for defense. You will find it on you alternate quick select (triangle + R1 or R2). Try setting up holoshields around you base turrets for extra defense, or use them for protection when you are on offense.

Charge Boots: The charge boots have to be my favorite gadget. Double tap R1 or R2 and then hange on. For traversing big parts of the map or getting out of trouble, the charge boots are the ultimate! Definitely give these a try. And here''s another little secret. If you are charging towards a cliff and about to fall to your death, try tapping circle a few times, and it will stop the charge.

Swingshot: The swingshot is in the alternate quick select menu, but you shouldn''t have to access it directly that much. I prefer the ""leap of faith"" method for using the quickshot. To do that, just run towards a swingshot point (they are the green glowing spinning balls you will see in the levels), jump off the cliff, and then hold down circle. Practice this a bit, and it will be easy.

The Nodes

Capturing nodes is a good idea. First, they give you a respawn point. Second, when you capture a node, it will spawn things like weapons and vehicles.

I think it would be very beneficial to anyone to just hop into a game alone and then just try out all the gadgets and vehicles. Get used to the controls. Figure out what crate gives you what gadgets/weapons. etc.

I think that''s about it for now-- I have to keep a few of my tricks to myself! Hopefully with these tips and a little practice, you will be PWNING people in no time!


So, this is just multiplayer... not single? Ok, I might not have to kill you.

The beta is just MP.