Thanksgiving(1998) = Half-Life

Every Thanksgiving holiday I get warm fuzzy feelings which take me back to late November of 1998. It was a week or so before Thanksgiving and Half-Life was released. I was already an avid gamer. Half-Life made my addiction grow ten-fold.

13 years have passed since that great holiday weekend. I remember vividly playing that game till my wrists ached. I rooted for Gordon and tried to steer him to his final destiny.

I miss you Gordon.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everybody and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Half-Life. Thanks for the memories!

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I wonder how many more years will pass before we see Half-Life 3.

Also, another thing that links Half-Life to Thanksgiving is that the head crabs always remind me of cooked turkeys.

It's an annual event for me...time to replay Half-Life!

Have a great holiday everybody.

Ohh my, I just found out that the season finale of Telltale’s excellent Walking Dead series is coming out this week. Gordon has competition this year from Lee.

I played Black Mesa, and it was a nice blast of Half-Life scented fun. I don't remember as many Modern Shooter soldier-face-shootin' segments in the original, though it's possible my memory is a bit hazy.
I agree, though, Thanksgiving just brings Half-Life to mind. Hooray!

11/19/1998 Belated Happy Birthday!

I still have the day-one purchased big box downstairs on my basement bookshelf.

Happy Thanksgiving guys & gals !

Thanksgiving = time to replay Half-Life

I still haven't played Half Life I've owned it for years.

Nostalgia removed, is it still a great game to play today?

It's that time of the year.

11/19/1998...Happy Birthday Half-Life!

If you don't mind the older graphics, the first game is crude but still playable. Some of the areas are still pretty memorable, even with the crude graphics of the early FPS era. It can be pretty difficult in spots, but it's about right, overall.

The second game is fairly modern-feeling, despite its age. The graphics are old but not primitive anymore, and the pacing and storytelling are quite good. HL2 isn't that hard, Ep1 is tougher, and Ep2 is super-rough. That is a HARD game to win without cheating. My FPS skills were not up to the task; I found the endgame area to be ridiculously unreasonable.

The game that changed everything that we thought we knew about gaming.

Happy Birthday Half-Life!

Coming back to post to a decade-old thread about an over two decade old game is epic. Enjoy your replay, and I'm wishing you many more!


By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Happy 24th birthday Half-Life (11/19/1998) and a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Thanks for the thread shout-out on the podcast! That was totally unexpected and caught me off guard while listening to the podcast during my daily evening stroll.

Happy 25th birthday Half-Life. It is time for a replay.

To all who celebrate this great upcoming holiday, I wish you and your family and friends a blessed, peaceful, and full of love Happy Thanksgiving.

Let the partying begin!

wow, 25 years. I'll always associate the Half Life games with Thanksgiving.

The documentary is very interesting because Valve is so close doored typically.