DCUO going F2P

Anyone else going to jump back into the game now that it's F2P?

Well, knew it was going to happen eventually.

I'm a huge DC fan so I'm very glad for the news and am willing to jump back in.

That being said, it's starting to become too many current and upcoming F2P MMOs that I'm interested in. LOTRO, APB, Fallen Earth, Star Trek Online and now this.

And that's not to mention the subscription based MMOs that I'm still or will be playing such as Rift and SWTOR. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out in the next year or two, especially with other high profile F2P games due next year such as Planetside 2, Firefall and Guild Wars 2 (with the initial purchase still needed).

The thing is that I am interested but the transition takes so long that they risk losing me to something else. There is a lot of competition coming down the pipe...

firefall, diablo3, gw2, sto f2p, tera, swtor, planetside 2

I wonder when we will start talking about the perpetual pile with all of the f2p mmos.

The part that determines whether or not I'll bother coming back to an MMO that's gone F2P is whehter or not I'll be able to access my old characters that I had when I had a subscription. I can understand only allowing 1 or 2 character slots for free accounts but limiting powersets like CO did so that I couldn't access my old characters because they were hybrid powersets just rubbed me the wrong way. Do I feel like I'm entitled to certain things even when they're free? Yeah, I guess I do. Whether that's right or wrong, when I've got 100 free MMO's that don't lock major features behind a pay to open door and 20 that do, I'm going to go with the completely free models.

And I just renewed my subscription a couple days ago... I just wanted to check things out and see how that new Light power set played. I like the game and I quit it before mostly because I ran out of content and because SOE would take their sweet time to get stuff fixed, specially exploits in PVP.

I'm glad it is going F2P. I have a few friends that will definitely be giving the game a chance. It is a nice game for about a month or two. The content that is in there is fun, specially if you like the DC Universe.

Sure. It'll still sit on my hard drive unplayed, but now I will be guilt free.

Yeah, I'll give it a chance now.

Yeah baby I've been waiting for this to happen! Heck yeah I'll give it a go.

fangblackbone wrote:

I wonder when we will start talking about the perpetual pile with all of the f2p mmos.

I'm already talking about the perpetual MMO pile. There's so much good, or good enough, f2p stuff out there already: Champions Online, LOTRO, DDO, Rusty Hearts, Spiral Knights, Dragon's Nest, Vindictus, Age of Conan...and more on the way.

There's no way I'd ever get to the cap on all of those. Never going to happen. Not enough time.

Still, at the price of free (other than my time), there's not much guilt in downloading and installing them. It's just hard drive space, right?

You know I never really consider MMOs (or pure multiplayer games) as an actual part of the pile. I guess since they really don't have an ending, and you can pretty much quit play anytime you wish.

And don't forget TF2 and LoL... doesn't have to be an MMO to be a f2p online game.

Wonder how they're doing f2p on the PS3? No way I'm entering my credit card in PSN again.

I bought a copy (PS3) for £10 last week, in anticipation of the switch. It'll be my first MMO.

I'll kill some time with it until SW:TOR hits.

After reading the new DC comic relaunch, I'm super excited to actually dive into this game. With the level cap being such a quick hit, I could see this as my ultima "time waster" MMO. Just hop on every once and a while and play when the new content updates hit.

So....what server should I be joining?

Good question. Downloading on Steam right now, since they had a nice reminder about it.

I'm downloading, too.. didn't do it through steam, so it's taking its sweet time

1.5mb/s... 4gb done, 13 to go, says 2 hours left. Good Steam.

I only have a 4mb connection.. maybe I can play tomorrow

Atomicvideohead wrote:

So....what server should I be joining?

They merged the servers a few months back. There're 4 now, one for each platform (PC or PS3) and region (US or Europe): US PC, Europe PC, US PS3, and Europe PS3.

If any of you join the US PC server, feel free to look me up in game. My mains are Serra Angel, Jail Bait, and Pocket Protector, although they're not in the GWJ league anymore. I still have Frost Smite in the GWJ league but I don't play her much.

What do folks think now that you're jumping in free?

I check it out every now and again. My main is called "Natural". Level 30 Shapeshifter/Hand Blast hero. Friend me if you see me in game.